Sentra Sinar Baru realizes that you have a choice when selecting your container depot provider so we value every assignment you tender to us. We understand that we are an extension of your business and how we represent ourselves is a reflection of your company. That is why we focus on superior service, offer competitive rates, and are staffed with a team of experienced professionals on which you can truly rely.

Our Facilities


We are open for 24 hours from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday we are open until 16:00.

Depot Management System

For easy monitoring of container movements, we use depot information system “DMS” of which every single box at stock has a clear location in the depot.

In-house Demurrage and Detention Calculation System

In order to facilitate the customers in calculating the demurrage and detention charges, we proudly inform that we provide the calculation machine in our website.

In-house Repair Collection System

Repair cost can be easily collected at our depot.

Dedicated Customer Service for Each Shipping Line

Intense communication and reporting between depot and shipping line is one of the key success factor.



We utilize 4 units of 8 Stack Side Loader (Double Box) to handle the lift off and lift on process at our depot.


The total land that we have is 35.000 sqm and it can accommodate up to 4.500 TEUs maximum.


Our depot provides a dedicated block for repair area, so it will not mixed up with the AV containers in the main CY. We also have IICL (Institute of International Container Lessors) certification.


We utilize 5 units of water blaster for cleaning the ex-inbound containers. We have several types of cleaning such as water, detergent and chemical and we use it based on the container’s condition that enter to our depot.


We prepare dedicated area for reefer containers. It is a separate block from the dry containers. We do this in order to make smooth operation in preparing the containers before customers do the pickup.


The installation of garment on hanging container can be done in our depot. We can accommodate the request of single bar or double bar, based on your inquiry.



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